Founder and Director

I’m Finn, the founder and director of Rose Diversity Training. I developed a passion for activism when I was elected LGBTQA+ Student Union officer, where I organised the first university Pride month and tackled institutional homophobia and transphobia, successfully lobbying against on-campus hate crime and intolerance.

In this role, I helped to develop, consult and train staff on a Transgender Student Policy. I hosted lectures on life as a transgender person in the UK, helped dispel misconceptions about the LGBTQA+ community.

I started Rose Diversity Training after graduating and working various retail jobs. I was frustrated by lacklustre EDI policies that failed to account for transphobia and homophobia in the workplace, and was sure that I could do better.

This lived experience gives me cutting edge insight that competitors in the field lack, and I am proud to have launched the first and only trans run diversity business in the UK.


Rose Diversity Training provides expert consultancy, training and business guidance to companies in the UK to help them meet their LGBTQA+ diversity goals.

We also work with charities and the media, to expand awareness of the issues faced by transgender people in society, the workplace and public services.

Taking a unique approach to EDI:

Our services are not only evidence based, but context based too. To challenge bias, we need to understand where that bias comes from. To do this, we cover history, politics, legislation and its gaps and community-based wisdom to provide a meaningful insight that generic equality, diversity and inclusion training can never achieve.

It is our fundamental belief that socially conscious businesses will benefit in the long run as their competitors falter. Rose Diversity Training seeks to help your business keep up with the times and be at the forefront of changing social norms.

No substitute for lived experience:

Diversity training should be community led, which is why we use Finn’s lived experience as a trans person to build comprehensive, challenging and unique courses intended to educate and inspire.

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