About Us

During the height of a global pandemic and in the midst of significant and justified civil unrest, in a cramped student flat with a laptop and a message, RDT was born.


As we found our feet, we became increasingly frustrated by current surface level LGBTQA+ awareness training that seeks to convince corporations that queer people belong in a faulty system, rather than demanding respect as equals, causing disruption and meaningful change.


Now, we’re demanding nothing short of full equality and respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary people and the communities they belong to.


Our workshops bring together gender studies, philosophy, racial justice and the law to educate, inspire and give our clients the tools to create positive change.


Our clients are disrupters, influencers and architects of change, passionate about LGBTQA+ liberation and are willing to use their voice to make a difference.

Meet The Founder

Finn has been disrupting the status quo from an early age, leading his peers to use their voices to create change.


As a proud, gay, non-binary trans man, Finn has led many LGBTQA+ oriented projects and groups with bold conviction and the skill to inspire passion in anyone willing to listen.

He has experience in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, providing advocacy to trans and non-binary people, hosting talks on LGBTQA+ inclusion, and writing policy to promote queer liberation. 


His belief in education as a tool of change and background in community activism informs the core ethos of all of RDT’s work.

Finn Grice