Effective Allyship

The aim of this workshop is to teach attendees how to be true allies to LGBTQA+ colleagues, and this is achieved through discussion of the nuances of allyship, how to self-educate (and avoid mis/disinformation, how to challenge and address LGBTQA+ phobia and discrimination, and how to lend support to ongoing campaigns. This course is an ideal sequel to our ‘LGBTQA+ Workplace Inclusion Training’ for learners interested in expanding their knowledge.


Perfect for: HR professionals, mid-high senior level employees, attendees of our LGBTQA+ Workplace Inclusion Training workshops hungry for more!


Modules include:

  • Good vs Bad Allyship

  • Pinkwashing and Rainbow Capitalism

  • Recognising and Challenging LGBTQAphobic biases

  • Learning About LGBTQA+ Culture

  • Current LGBTQA+ Campaigning and How To Help.